The main purpose of Churches Together in Milton Keynes is to help churches and congregations work together to serve God.  This is summarised in the "membership covenant":

As a member of Churches Together in Milton Keynes, we will work with other Christian congregations in this area to:

  • Show God’s love to the Borough and City of Milton Keynes
  • Support each other as followers of Christ

Our role, as CTMK, is to bring people together to fulfil their common call as disciples.  We are not a "mission agency" but we do want to share the good things that people are doing and encourage them to work together more effectively.

We are still trying to discover what this might mean for us as churches in Milton Keynes, but a number of priorities are emerging:
  • The Cost of Living Crisis
  • The Climate Crisis
  • Mental Health
  • Racial Justice
  • Ukrainian Refugees
We hope to encourage conversations and projects that have a positive impact in these areas.