Churches Together in Milton Keynes

We are a network of Christian communities in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. We are working together to show God’s love to the Borough and City of Milton Keynes.

Our current priority is to build a strong network of committed member congregations.

We have a particular concern with Poverty, Climate Justice, Refugees, Racial Justice and Mental Health.

TKC 2023 Give us this Day our Daily Bread


The MK Thy Kingdom Come Events for 2023 continued yesterday evening with a Prayer event at the Ridgeway Centre in Wolverton organised by New Life Church. This event focused on praying into the cost of living crisis.

Entitled Give us this day our daily bread, the evening drew on the promise of God to provide our every day needs. The Bible is full of stories of miraculous provision, from manna in the wilderness to feeding five thousand with a few loaves and fish. With God there is always enough.
We prayed for many of the social action projects that MK churches and others are running in our city with a view to making a difference - MK Foodbank, Community Fridges, Community Larders and St Mark's Meals being just some.

We also prayed for Greenleys Community Club run by New Life Church. Open on Wednesday mornings it delivers a service which helps connect the community of Greenleys and the surrounding area. It opened in May 2023 following the success of its sister club Unity Park Community Club. The club is run by a team of volunteers driven by the belief that every single person matters. It offers refreshments, lunch, benefits advice, courses specialising in mental health and addiction problems, games, friendship, fun, arts, crafts and even free bike repairs! The Community Club’s vision is to see transformation for the people of Milton Keynes; from voicelessness, isolation and loneliness to stability, community and fullness of life.

The prayer event also looked at the wider impact of the cost of living crisis in the UK and the world.

Huge thanks to Sharon and members of the New Life community for welcoming us into their church.

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