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We are a network of Christian communities in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. We are working together to show God’s love to the Borough and City of Milton Keynes.

Our current priority is to build a strong network of committed member congregations.

We have a particular concern with Poverty, Climate Justice, Refugees, Racial Justice and Mental Health.

Kairos Ministry week at HMP Woodhill Prison - 14th to 18th October 2024

The Kairos Ministry write:

Kairos means "God's special or appointed time" and the Kairos ministry offers to prison residents, their families, and those who walk with them, the opportunity to receive God's forgiveness through faith in Jesus Christ and to grow in their faith and servant-hood within the Christian community. We passionately believe that the miracle of the cross means that no matter how badly we started in life, or how badly we have messed up, we can finish well. The freedom that comes via the cross is available to all, even to those whose liberty has been temporarily or permanently taken away by society.

We are hoping to run a Kairos Ministry week at HMP Woodhill Prison on 14th - 18th October 2024

The Ministry starts with a 5 day course in which the residents learn what it means to be part of a family. To be a name and not just a number. To be welcomed and treated with respect, some for the very first time. Many experience first-hand the power of forgiveness by the One who accepts them and loves them for who they are and also what it means to forgive as they face their hurts and rejection of the past.  

Each day of the five day course, which runs from Monday to Friday, has a guiding purpose and the activities for each day are specifically designed to support that day’s purpose.  

Day 1 – Encountering Kairos – This is a time of reducing anxiety (for both the participants and the team) and beginning to build comfort levels.

Day 2 & 3 – Encountering self – These are days where the participants encounter self and their standing with God

Day 4 – Encountering Christ – On this day we examine our relationship with Christ and others and the role of forgiveness in those relationships.

Day 5 – Encountering Others – On this, the last day, we begin the process of growing in faith and community with others.

A typical day consists of:

  • Scripted meditations and prayers
  • Scripted talks lasting about 20 minutes which allow for and encourage personal testimony.
  • Discussion in family groups
  • Art work in which the residents are free to express what they have learned from the talk
  • Singing
  • Lots of coffee and cookies
  • And plenty of laughter and tears

Kairos is only made possible because of the team of Christian volunteers who are willing to commit their time to this ministry. Together we spend 5 training days leading up to the mission, usually one Saturday a month, with the intention of transforming ourselves from individual Christians, all from different backgrounds and denominations, into a unified body of CHRIST, focussed on the mission of Kairos in prison. 

The team does not just consist of those going into prison; the mission can only happen if local churches are willing to support it through prayer and making cookies, perhaps even hosting members of the team or providing meals during the mission week. If you feel any members of your congregation would like to be on the team or be willing to support in one of the other ways mentioned, we would be very grateful.  

Members of the Kairos team will be more than happy to come and talk to you about the work of Kairos and how your church can be involved. If this is something you feel able to support then please contact one of the following:

- Peter Glover on 07712 490830

- Jim Mullin on 07414 853295

- Richard Stevens on 07775 725385

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