Churches Together in Milton Keynes

We are a network of Christian communities in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. We are working together to show God’s love to the Borough and City of Milton Keynes.

Our current priority is to build a strong network of committed member congregations.

We have a particular concern with Poverty, Climate Justice, Refugees, Racial Justice and Mental Health.

Bishop Alan Wilson, Bishop of Buckingham


With great sadness and shock, we heard the news yesterday of the unexpected death of Bishop Alan Wilson, Anglican Bishop of Buckingham.

Paying tribute to Bishop Alan, the Rt Revd Dr Steven Croft, the Bishop of Oxford said: “Alan was a dear friend and colleague to many across the Diocese. Alan has deep friendships and pastoral relationships across both church and community in Bucks. He has offered remarkable leadership to our work in education and church schools over more than a decade. Alan has been a friend and advocate for survivors of abuse and a strong ally and supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community for many years.
Alan had recently begun a well-earned sabbatical and was planning to use the time to plan and prepare for retirement in the next year. Alan loved God and loved God’s church with a rare passion. He was a bishop who prioritised the parishes and clergy in his care above everything else and served the people of Buckinghamshire with devotion over a long and demanding ministry.
I will miss him as a friend and colleague. The Church has lost a wise, pastoral and prophetic bishop.”

Bishop Alan was very supportive of Churches Together in Milton Keynes. He took part in our Week of Prayer for Christian Unity events both this year and last year. He was on fine form when he preached at Shenley Christian Fellowship in January.

Bishop Steven commends the following prayer for use across the diocese:

Loving God, Friend of the broken, the outcast and the hurting Receive into your tender care our friend and brother Alan. We give thanks for your abundant grace in his life and ministry. We entrust Lucy, his family, friends and colleagues to your steadfast love. We pray especially for the clergy and parishes of the Buckingham area as they grieve their faithful pastor, friend and shepherd. We pray for all who mourn. Kindle in us afresh the hope of rest in Christ and resurrection to new and eternal life May Alan, your servant, rest in peace and rise in glory Through Christ our Lord we pray Amen

Bishop Alan was a one off and we will miss him.

Bishop Alan (centre) in Milton Keynes during the Week of Prayer 2023
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