Churches Together in Milton Keynes

We are a network of Christian communities in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. We are working together to show God’s love to the Borough and City of Milton Keynes.

Our current priority is to build a strong network of committed member congregations.

We have a particular concern with Poverty, Climate Justice, Refugees, Racial Justice and Mental Health.

Volunteering Opportunities: Unity Park Community Club - Christian volunteers needed!


Unity Park Community Club is a Community Club for the homeless and vulnerable in Milton Keynes which has been running for the last five years. Their mission is to love the homeless and vulnerable and tell them about Jesus. They also run a church in the homeless shelter on Sundays for their week days guests. They have seen so many conversions. It has been a really successful outreach. 

They write:

"We are in need of more Christian volunteers. We regularly get 100 people through our doors on a Tuesday and Wednesday and although this is amazing it is proving really difficult for us now to have conversations with our guests and tell them about Jesus our volunteers are stretched to the limits. We would love to have more volunteers to help serve our guests either in the kitchen or waitressing or just tidying up and mainly chatting."

If you feel you could help with this work, please email Donna on

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