Churches Together in Milton Keynes

We are a network of Christian communities in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. We are working together to show God’s love to the Borough and City of Milton Keynes.

Our current priority is to build a strong network of committed member congregations, but we are also beginning to focus on the Cost of Living, Climate and Mental Health crises that impact our communities in a big way.

Who are you? Living a Godly life - Tuesday 18th to Friday 21st July 2023


The Community for Spiritual Formation


Through a programme of teaching, silence, worship and reflection based on a Benedictine monastic patternThe Community for Spiritual Formation creates transformative space for people to be in communion with God, self, others, and creation for the sake of the world.

Tuesday 18th - Friday 21st July 2023

“Who are you? Living a Godly life”.

Three-Day Community with Sam Wells at Ripon College, Cuddesdon

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